Plaque on Donor Wall

Plaque on Donor Wall
Plaque on Donor Wall
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Fully Custom Plaque


It's much better than writing a love letter in the sand!

Note that discount is reflected in price above

Your engraved 5" tall by 3" wide plaque will be displayed on our Donor Wall. You can commemorate an event, honor a friend, or send whatever message you want the Coney world to see. The plaques will be permanently displayed at Coney Island, USA and be seen by hundred of thousands of Coney Island visitors every year.

The Fully Custom engraved plaque option allow you to specify the design of your plaque. You will provide graphics. Note that all graphics must be 1-bit (i.e. black and white - not even gray). If you opt for Fully Custom we will be in touch via email to coordinate your request.

While we'll do our best to get your plaque up quickly, please allow 4-8 weeks for installation. We'll email you when the plaque has been installed.

We recommend shorter messages of no more than five lines of twenty five characters or less. Shorter messages will be in a larger type size, longer messages in a smaller type size.

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