Motorized Float Marcher Adult

Motorized Float Marcher Adult
Motorized Float Marcher Adult
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The Mermaid Parade will no longer allow Motorcycles on the parade route.

Riding on top of buses WITHOUT guard rails is prohibited. Buses with handrails cannot have more than 5 participants on roof, without prior permission.

Horses, or other animals, are only allowed in the parade with special permission from Parade Management.

Parade assembly area may change due to area construction... We will advise when more details are available.

Questions? Email us at


Registration and line-up for marchers and push pull floats is located entry to assembly inside Amphitheater. Remember, the later you get there, the longer the lines!

Registration and line-up for Antique Cars and Motorized Floats is in the Eastbound Parking Lane of Surf Avenue between West 21 St and West 22nd St.

NON-COMMERCIAL: My/our entry is not associated with any commercial or for-profit organization and will not include any sort of signage, clothing, or any other decoration promoting any sort of commercial or for-profit organization. If your entry is associated with any sort of commercial or for-profit interest, and that includes everything from bars and restaurants to large corporations, we encourage you to participate in the parade. However, you need to participate as a sponsor at a different rate, please contact,

FILMING/TAPING/RECORDING/ETC.: My/our entry will not be filming, taping or recording the Mermaid Parade experience for any commercial purpose, including advertising, movies, videos, web broadcasts, podcast or any other future form of recordation. The Mermaid Parade is owned and produced by Coney Island USA. Any broadcast, transmission or other use of recordings or impressions taken of the Mermaid Parade without the written consent of Coney Island USA is prohibited. Participants looking to use footage for commercial purposes should contact Coney Island USA at

RESPONSIBILITIES: By registering I acknowledge that I will provide proof of vehicle insurance, registration and valid driver's license for any motorized vehicle that I will be operating in the Mermaid Parade. I also acknowledge that if I arrive without the documentation mentioned above, I will not be allowed to participate and my entry fees will not be refunded. I also acknowledge the fact that the Mermaid Parade carries liability insurance for spectators at the parade but participants are fully responsible for their own behavior. Neither the parade's producer, Coney Island USA; nor it's sponsors, employees or affiliates are responsible or can be held liable for any damage or personal injury occurring during or as a result of the Mermaid Parade.

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