Dreamland Bar and Grill Tokens

Dreamland Bar and Grill Tokens

Dreamland Bar and Grill Tokens


Dreamland Bar and Grill Tokens

Own a piece of history!

Coney Island USA is proud to present tokens from the Dreamland Bar and Grill, formerly located on Surf Avenue and West 8th Street, across from where the Cyclone now stands.

The Dreamland Bar and Grill is one of the many "forgotten" businesses that thrived in Coney Island during the early part of the 20th century. Even we had never heard of it before we were presented with these rare tokens!

Tokens are sold in nickel and quarter pairs; the nickels are 3/4" across while the quarters are 1" across. All are made out of stamped brass and weathered naturally with age.

We are Evacuating our Salvaged Inventory!
These Items are Untouched by Sandy!
Everyone is fine. Our humans are well taken care of, our snakes are in good hands. Like most of Coney Island, our space took a pretty major hit, especially the ground floor.  Support the Gift Store by purchasing our Unique Pre Storm Inventory.

Inventory Status: Available